Sacred Heart

Extracurricular Activities

We place significant emphasis on extracurricular activities

At Sacred Heart Convent School (SHCS), we hold a steadfast belief in nurturing the holistic development of our students. Therefore, we place significant emphasis on extracurricular activities as an integral part of the educational experience. These activities play a vital role in helping our students integrate practical lessons from their academic sessions into their lives. In doing so, they not only become active participants but also acquire essential talents that empower them to thrive in society, take on leadership roles, and explore their multifaceted abilities.

In addition to the special occasions we create for literary, cultural, and sports events, the school's management is dedicated to ensuring that there are regular, well-integrated forums within the school timetable. These forums are designed to provide our students with opportunities to blossom gracefully and develop into well-rounded individuals. These activities are not merely a supplement to their education but an integral part of their growth and learning journey. At LFCS, we understand that education is not confined to textbooks and classrooms alone, and we are committed to fostering the development of the whole child.

Our activities includes
  1. Basketball
  2. Volleyball
  3. Table tennis
  4. Football
  5. Cricket
  1. Boxing
  2. Skating
  3. Karate
  4. Atletics
  5. Badminton
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