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Admission Regulations


  • Parents seeking admission of their ward must register the name of ward in advance.
  • Registration to the nursery class starts normally in the month of December as per the date schedule published. Registration for the admission to the other class depends on the availability of seat registration does not guarantee admission and the validity of the registration is only for 3 months from date of registration.
  • The minimum age of candidate for admission to the nursery 3-4 years. A corresponding scale of minimum and maximum age holds true for the other classes.
  • Application for registration should be made on the prescribed form obtained with prospectus from the school office.
  • At the time of admission a student has to submit following documents.
    • Birth certificate from the Municipality/Panchayath. (Original and copy)
    • Aadhaar Card (Photo copy)
    • Two passport size photographs of the student and a family photo
  • The date of birth once entered in the admission register of the school will not be changed, as it against the low. In addition to that the parent of applicants must sign an age declaration, guaranteeing that under any circumstance they shall not make any request change of date of birth.
  • Admission to LKG and UKG classes is on the basis of merit, interview availability of seats. No recommendation of any nature shall be entertained. The decision of the management about admission is final.
  • Those the students join the school at any time of the current academic year will have to pay the complete fee of that academic year even if they join late. For selection and admission of any candidate the decision of the management is final.