Sacred Heart

Activity Room

Lifelong learning and social interaction

Kindergarten marks a crucial stage in a child's educational journey, where they lay the foundation for lifelong learning and social interaction. To support their holistic development, our initiative focuses on creating an activity room that fosters learning through play, encourages communication, and enhances socialization. Group activities, team-building exercises, and collaborative projects foster socialization and teamwork.

Comfortable seating options include kid-sized tables, chairs, bean bags, and mats to accommodate various activities. The room is stocked with a diverse range of educational toys, books, and games to facilitate active learning. A team of experienced teachers is present to guide, supervise, and facilitate activities, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. This initiative aims to be a model for creating enriched learning environments for kindergarten students, fostering a love for learning and laying the groundwork for their academic and personal growth.

Smart Class

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