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Sacred Heart Convent School Events

Each year, schools are involved in fun projects which include the participation of the entire community. The importance of the participation of students in an activity, club or sport cannot be overstated. For some students, participation in an activity will bring out their natural skills, while others may discover new potential they did not realize they had. Natural leaders will emerge; creative students may be surprised to discover abilities they did not know they had, while others will know the meaning of teamwork for the first time. In the end, the student’s efforts will be compensated by the satisfaction they derive from accomplishing, together with their classmates, a common goal. They will learn to appreciate each other’s skills and talents and will share in the happiness they bring to their school community, particularly the youngest members, who will collect memories that will be with them forever.

As educators, it is also an opportunity to analyze our student’s strengths as well as areas for improvement, the goal being to help them become conscious of their abilities and inabilities. In this way, we will be better able to guide them in the future so that they can transform their shortcomings into new talents which will help them during their adult lives.

Any activity requiring the planning of an important project is an opportunity to grow, learn,perfect existing skills, develop new skills and enhance formative development. With unconditional support from teachers, students can be shown how proud we are of their involvement, dedication, and participation. Teachers can also motivate those students who would benefit from being more involved.

Start Time

9:00 pm

November 5, 2019

Finish Time

8:00 pm

October 6, 2020

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