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Our Story

Our prime crucial is to give the most raised standard academic preparing



Our prime crucial the Sacred Heart Convent School, Malout is to give the most raised standard academic preparing. We will without a doubt enable our understudies to reach at the pinnacle of their capacity to deal with the unforeseen troubles of tomorrow. We assist them with getting blissful, viable, trustworthy, dynamic, good, enduring, creative, and minding individuals who add to the world innovatively


The progression of socially careful, morally upstanding, truly balanced, rationally competent, and really adjusted locals of the new thousand years, who will keep up fundamental human rights and sexual direction affectability, and be meriting inheritance of our mind blowing Nation and gainful pioneers of future.

Our Motto

Sacred Heart kindergarten aims at guiding every child to perfection to the experience of god and service to the humanity. To attain this sublime objective and purpose of life every child is provided with a physically beautiful,Emotionally supportive and carefully structured home like environment.

Sacred Heart Kindergarten  prepares  the children to seek admission in Sacred Heart Convent school, Malout. The integral growth and formation of the young generation, being our goal,every effort is made to help the students to  grow in creative learning habit and accurate expression. Particular stress is laid on character formation and training for self discipline ,responsibility, personal growth and leadership. Courtesy, etiquette and good manners are instilled in the pupil from the beginning of his /her school life. Upholding the cultural and spiritual heritage of India, the school assiduously endeavors to inculcate in students moral and spiritual values needed for a life that is socially meaning full.

The teacher is specially trained to create a wholesome environment for the physical, emotional, social and spiritual development of each child. Besides the teachers , the role of the parent is invaluable for the formation of the children. The whole hearted commitment of the parents to the values and visions  the institute would be help for the fruition of the dreams of every child of Sacred Heart Kindergarten.


Sacred Heart Kindergarten is an undertaking of Sacred Heart Convent School, Malout under the management of khrist jyoti province (Punjab- Rajasthan ) of the Little Flower Congregation. Little Flower Congregation is a Catholic Society which undertakes Educational and Charitable activities in Rajasthan, Punjab, U.P Delhi,Kerala,Karnataka, Tamilnadu and  in various other part of the world. The objectives of the society are to establish, construct, support and develop educational and charitable activities and institutions through its branches.

Admission And Withdrawal

  • Parents seeking admission of their ward must register the name of the ward in advance.
  • Registration to the Nursery class starts normally in the month of December as per the date schedule published. Registration for the admission to other class depends on the availability of seats registration dose not guarantee admission and the validity of the registration is only for 3 months from the date of registration.
  • The minimum age of the candidates for admission to Nursery is 3-4 years. A corresponding scale of minimum and maximum age holds true for the other classes.
  • Application for Registration should be made on the prescribed form obtained with prospectus from the school office.
  • At the time of admission a student has to submit the following documents:
  • Birth Certificate from the Municipality/ Panchayat. (Original and a copy)
  • Aadhaar Card (Photo copy)
  • Two passpot size photographs of the student and a family photo.
  • The date of birth once entered in the admission register of the school will not be changed, as it is against the low. In addition to that the parents of all applicants must sign an age declaration, guaranteeing that under any circumstances they shall not make any request for change of date of birth.
  • Admission to LKG and UKG classes is on the basis of merit, interview and availability of seats. No recommendation of any nature shall be entertained. The decision of the management about admission is final.
  • Those students who join the school at any time of the current academic year will have to pay the complete fee of that academic year even if they join late.For selection and admission of any candidate the decision of the management is final

To The Parents

  1. Good education is the joint effort of the school and parents. So education of year child can be complete only with the help of your full co-operation. The parents should feel proud of their children and should have confidence in their performance. At the same time they should be aware of the weaknesses and problems of their children. Parents should be earnest to report to the principal/ office whenever they are called in. The parents should have faith in the actions taken by the school authorities to facilitate the all-round development of their children.
  2. Parents/ Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school in ensuring a high standard of morality and discipline among the students.
  3. Parents must read all the rules printed on the school prospectus , school diary and circular. Ignorance of the rules will not be taken as an excuse.
  4. Enrolment in Sacred Heart kindergarten implies the willingness from the part of the parents to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.
  5. The medium of instruction and expression is English. To promote speaking English the students are awarded with marks/ grades through internal assessment.
  6. Pupils should attend the school regularly. They must reach the school at least ten minutes before the assembly.
  7. All the students must have the text books and the stationery required for their respective classes.
  8. Every student should bring the school dairy daily. Any information or request conveyed to the parents/ guardians through the dairy by the the Principal/ Teachers should be complied with and acknowledged.
  9. Parents are advised to allow the children to watch only educational and useful program on the TV. Habitual watching of movies and film songs may distract the children from their students.
  10. The child should be encouraged to cultivate habitual cleanliness in all his/ her work and person. Dress him/ her neatly and properly. Do not allow him/ her to bring expensive things to the school so as to make a display of such items or to show that he/she is more privileged than the rest. Help the child to understand that in the school he/ she is just like any other student.
  11. It dose sometimes happen that children complain to their parents concerning school matters. Parents are requested to notify the Principal in matters of this kind and to with-hold their judgments until proper investigation is made. A little carefulness along this line often prevents unhappy consequences.
  12. If your child has habits or traits of character which need special watching, please report to the principal so that proper care can be given to your ward.
  13. Children are attracted even by trifle things which they would like to acquire for themselves. If he/ she brings home any thing from the school without the teachers’ knowledge, send it back the next day itself and inform about it to the persons concerned. It will have its own reward in his/ her later life.
  14. While sending letters or making remittance of feel or inquiries please note the full name of the child, his/her class and the admission number.
  15. Parents are requested to check the dairy of their ward regularly and respond to the remarks. If any , made by the teachers/ Principal.
  16. Parents and guardians who want to discuss the welfare and progress of their children may meet the principal with prior permission or at the notified time. Parents shall meet the teachers on the days and occasions notified in the calendar. Parents are requested to make good use of this occasion for building up mutual understanding between the parents and teacher with regard to the all-round progress of their wards. It is not a fault finding session, but legitimate complaints may be brought to the attention of the principal/Class teachers without any delay.It will be very much appreciated.
  17. When the school is in session, parents and guardians should not visit the classes or teachers without the permission of the Principal as it causes disturbance to their normal and legitimate work.
  18. Parents and guardians are requested to notify the school of any change in their address and phone number.
  19. To be absent from the school to attend social functions is not recommended. Because it retards the child’s progress in school and minimizes his/her respect for regular hard work.
  20. Parents are advised to ensure that children prepare their lessons regularly at home and take keen interest in the activates of the school.
  21. Criticism of the teacher in the presence of the students should be prudently avoided as this may adversely affected the child.
  22. A progress report is sent to parents after each terminal examination. Parents are requested to sign the report card and return it within three days.
  23. Any kind of damage done to the school property must be compensated at the expense of the offender along with the fine that may be imposed.
  24. No students will be granted leave without prior written application of the parents/ guardians. In all the cases permission is at the discretion of the Principal. Those who absent themselves for 10 consecutive days without the prior permission are liable to have their names struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee.
  25. No student shall be allowed to go out or to be taken out of the school campus without obtaining the ‘out pass’From the principal. The out pass shall not be issued unless the Principal is satisfied with the genuineness of the matter.
  26. All money matters should be dealt with the office.
  27. Parents should see that their child comes to the school after his/ her daily needs. All the students must have their Tiffin brought with them for break. Lunch packets brought by others will not be allowed to reach the students on account of various reasons.
  28. Cleanliness of person and dress is expected of every student. The school uniform must be clean, without any type of decoration. Students coming to the school with untidy dress, hair etc. Will be refused admission to the class.
  29. Students themselves will be responsible for their own belongings.
  30. The section/house of a students is altered as and when required, at the discretion of the school authorities and request and request for a student is altered as and when required, at the discretion of the school authorities and request for a particular section/ house will not be entertained.
  31. Conveyance of the children is fully the responsibility of parents. The school shall neither entertain any complaint on this matter nor be responsible in any way.
  32. Students will not be called to answer phone calls during class hours.

Payments of Fees

  • School fee must be paid in four installments before the due date. Defaulters will have to pay the late fee.
  • Fee must be paid for the period during which the student’s name is on the roll. If the fee is in arrears continuously, the name of the student will be removed from the rolls.
  • All fees and other dues must be cleared before the terminal examinations. Defaulters will not be allowed to appear for the exam.
  • No reduction of the fee will be made for broken periods of attendance.
  • Fee receipt/ bank vouchers must be retained and produced as a proof of payment if needed.
  • The fee once paid is not refundable.
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