C0-Curricular Activities

Properly organized and regulated co-curricular activities are just as much a part of sound education as studies. It is chiefly through these activities that various facets of child's personality are revealed and that much qualities as team spirit, self confidence, sportsmanship.

Initiative and proper use of leisure are developed. Mere accumulation of knowledge is not enough in life of student. Some of curricular activities encouraged are public speaking, drawing , painting, dancing, singing, gaming, PT, athletics, excursion, educational film other competitions etc.

Handicraft Club.

Art craft is a subject which is enjoyed most in the school premises. Children's who study in the primary section of the school, cheerfully elbow deep in the classes of any art and craft segment. Young people often find it interesting to indulge in such classes, because they learn new things in an innovative way.


Quiz Club

This quiz club aims at identifying student talented quiz and creating opportunities them to sharpen their quizzing skills. This quiz club is to update the knowledge of the students in the various fields like academic, general knowledge, analytical abilities, quantitative reasoning etc.


Scout Movements.

The scout movement, also known as scouting or the scout, is voluntary and non political  others; A scout is a friend to all, and a brother to every other scouts help each other, regardless of the differences in status or social class.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities are just activities that you do outside the class. The common App says that extra curricular activities "includes arts, athletics, clubs, employments, personal commitments, and other pursuits". Academic activities such as math or science clubs or competition, researching, or writing.  


The consistency in ensemble of the distinctive melodic instruments are gotten the school band which is played during every one of the festival of the school. 

Martial Arts 

Martial arts strengthen muscles and endurance, while improving flexibility, balance, agility, coordination. Therefore with better mental and physical health, student will lead a happier, well rounded life. Martial arts promote a healthy life style, and offer many benefits that other sporting activities lack.